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You may be use to things not going your way, but that time is over. There's a lot of correction going on around here, and it is working for you. 

It has been determined that you will never be successful in a few places in your life.
Someone else will rule in the position that was made for you. You will never reach your goal because you can't seem to break out of the cycle that you've been in for quite some time. You will never get the financial breakthrough that you have been working towards because of a generational curse on your life.
These statements may have been your truth for the last few years of your life, but as of right now, correction is taking place. What's been an issue or hindrance for you in the past is being moved to it's rightful place and so are you. It doesn't matter what the normal has been. The normal is being corrected. Being denied, rejected, broken, confused, instable may have been labeled as normal, but no more. Your normal is being corrected. Your normal is changing for the best to be seen. What you have seen for your life is coming forth. Everything and everyone is taking it's rightful place. What's and who's been in your seat, is being removed and placed where they belong (anywhere but in your way). And you my dear, you are taking your rightful place.

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Real topics for Christian women that's not covered in church, thoroughly.

Uncover the things that are hidden and often swept under the rug within churches, families, and communities.

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Covering is important to me. Whether it is an actual cover to warm me on brisk evenings because I refuse to turn off the air and ceiling fans or if it’s a spiritual covering; I need to feel covered. To be covered is to have safety from situations that could cause harm, pain, discomfort, or worse. 

Then there are times when what’s covered needs to be uncovered. In this case, what is hidden needs to be exposed so that the truth can make us free. This uncovering is as important to me as the spiritual covering mentioned initially. 


Being in the church all my life, I have found that feeling covered by God has often meant uncovering something not said or done effectively by someone who represented God. 

One thing that we are vehemently taught is that faith without work is dead. And according to James 2:14, this is true. We need to have both faith and be working towards that of which we have placed our faith. We are deceived, however, into thinking that the “works” should outweigh the work of God’s. Don’t get me wrong, do the work. By all means. Understand, though, that there has to be a cap on the work of your own hand, lest your faith that you have is truly in yourself and not God. 

What am I uncovering today? 

Faith and works are good, but you need balance. You need a time to pause. Even God took a break after creation. So when remembering that faith without work is dead, also remember to add in a day of rest. God can do more in six days that we can with seven. 

So have faith, do the work, rest and let God put the super on your natural. 

“God finished the work he was doing, so on the seventh day he rested from his work.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭2‬:‭2‬ ‭ERV

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In the Meantime Still 
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