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Shameless Grace Morning Prayer

If you missed prayer this morning, click below to listen!

Are you wondering what prayer is like and how it started? Watch this short video of our founder, Kristen Reel, and she will let you in on the deets.


At Shameless Grace, we are seeking God more than ever! Join us every day at 5am EST/4am CST for corporate time with God. This is something that God has placed on Kristen's heart to let you all join her during her time with God. You will be muted the entire time (UNLESS GOD SAYS OTHERWISE), but the goal is for you to worship God in your own space. God will speak and you will be sure of His voice even if you think you don't know how to hear from God. If you are someone who has been praying for a long time asking God to break a cycle that you're in, to free you and your family from a curse, to work a miracle or breakthrough, do your best to get up and pray. It's so wild that we want God to make the impossible possible and we sometimes don't want to make a sacrifice for Him like turning down our plates or lose a few minutes of sleep. Lol. We're not judging you or just talking to you, but this goes for everyone as well. No condemnation, okay? Just a thought. LOL!

Shameless Grace 2023 (Instagram Post (Sq

If you have been blessed by our morning prayers, leave your testimony below.

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