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A Prayer of Healing: Heal our Hearts, God.

Our Heavenly Father, God our creator, and ruler of everything and everyone today I want to first start by telling you thank you for creating a moment of healing for your people. Thank you for placing this prayer on my heart and the desire to heal in those reading this prayer heart. I ask now God that you will begin to open their heart completely to you and your truth you’ve spoken over their lives. Allow them to feel you moving within their hearts. Take them back to the very first thing that caused their heart to be hurt. Allow them to get to the root of what really hurt them and why it disappointed them. Begin to heal them even now as they start to think about what caused their heart to hurt or be disappointed.


God I ask now that you will touch the heart of those that have been praying over and over and over again for you to bless them with a child. Someone wants to give up on what they have been believing you to do. They are wanting to give up and give in to what science says but God I know you to be a miracle worker. Allow them to see that your hands are on their lives God. That you did hear their prayer and you were right there wiping away every tear when they received those negative results back time and time again. God, heal and prove their doubting disappointed hearts that you are able to do anything. Let your people see they haven’t been believing for nothing.


Heal the hearts of everyone that loss someone close to their heart after they prayed and believed in you God to heal that person. Their hearts are broken and they feel like you don’t care about them because if you did their person would still be alive. Let them know that you do care about them. Let them know that you heard each prayer prayed. Let your child accept your will in their heart and know that your way is what needed to happen. Although they may not understand why it had to happen, give them peace in their heart and mind. Let them begin to open their hearts to you again God. Heal now in Jesus name. Feel each person’s heart and life with your love God. Show them what it feels like when you care.


God, I ask that you touch the hearts of those that had to end friendships and relationships. I ask now that you will not let them become bitter. Don’t let them close off their heart. If they have already closed their hearts, God I ask that you will begin to just lay your hand on them. Heal the disappointment that lies deep down in their heart from being betrayed, tossed to the side, mishandled, and whatever else. Only you know God. Touch the hearts of everyone that doesn't know how to be a good friend because they’ve never had a real true friend. Help us all to be better friends and to cherish each friendship that’s created. Connect us to the right people. Heal our hearts now so that we can love and care for them the right way. Heal our hearts now God so that we won’t turn away good people when they come into our lives to be a true friend. Allow us to not hurt anyone from our bitterness. Don’t allow us to connect with new friends until we have healed enough to treat them right so that we won’t cause them any hurt from our bitterness. We need you to heal today. Allow us to not just look at how we were done wrong but to acknowledge and take accountability for what we did wrong as well. Heal us.


Touch the rejected heart, God. The heart that opened up and let in someone that was special to them. After being so vulnerable, they were smacked in the face with rejection. The love wasn’t returned. God, heal that aching heart. Wrap your arms around their heart and let them feel your love. God surround them with your love. Heal their hearts by showing them that the love that they gave/give out can be returned with even greater love. Show it to them now please God. God is going to allow you to feel his tangible love. It is available to you. Believe it and receive it. God cares for you. He’s going to show you.


Touch the hearts of those that’s been abused verbally, mentally, physically, and spiritually (being those that prey on people through prophecies, leaders using their leadership in churches to use their members, and whatever else that you know about God). The people that’s needing healing in this category need to know that you are real. That your existence is real. Show them how real you are God to heal their hearts. Some need to be reassured of your voice in their lives. God show them in Jesus name. Make them aware of your presence and your power. God save them.


God I know and declare that you are greater than bitterness. I declare that your people reading this prayer hearts will be opened to love again. Their hearts will be opened to believe again. Their hearts will be opened to try again. When bitterness tries to feel their heart God, attack it by moving through with your power. God heal your people.


In this world, we often hear people say “Trust nobody.” But God, I ask that you begin to heal all of our hearts so that we can at least trust in you God without side-eying you. When we trust you God, we can then trust the people you tell us to trust. God we need you. We need your healing power. Your power can get through a steel wall. Nothing is too hard for you. Tear down every wall in our hearts.

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