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When God tore the veil, it wasn’t just for one particular person to talk to and encounter God. Never be consumed with the thought that only a certain group of people can encounter and hear from God. Don’t ever doubt your word from God or your ear to God. YOU can have a conversation with God as well. Sometimes people try to make you question your word from God because it didn't come from them or it doesn't look how THEY want it to look. There is only one God. Trust his words when He speaks and never let anyone make you doubt what He has said to YOU! Everyone will not understand what God has trusted you with and it’s not for them to. You don’t have to explain anything to no person unless God tells you to. Remember that.

And I will say it again....sometimes people try to make you question your word from God. You have to know who you can trust to share news with about your life. If you don't know who you can trust, seek God and He will show you and make it very clear who is truly for you.

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