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Welcome to Shameless Grace’s Blog! This blog is an extension of Shameless Grace’s devotionals that are released every week on Monday and Wednesday. To be plugged into the Shameless Grace community, subscribe to our mailing list and you will be able to read a quick devotional written by me, Kristen Reel, during your time with God. I encourage you to spend time with God because that’s where we receive everything we need, and it is a great time for God to search us and reveal to us the issues of our hearts.

What to Expect? Rules?

There have been plenty of times when I've been minding my business doing life and suddenly God drops a one liner or even a four page letter on me, and I just write it all down. In the blog posts, I will share some of the things God says to me in moments like that. You’ll also find prayers to help you with certain situations when you don’t know exactly what you should be praying. Every blog will not be long and every blog will not be short. Hahaa. If you want me to cover a certain topic just let me know. If God gives you a revelation about any post while you’re reading, please share it with me by commenting or if it’s personal and you don’t want everyone to know just send me a message. If you want to share a blog with your homegirl or homeboy or your group chat, PLEASE do! I want everyone to see what’s happening here on Shameless Grace’s blog.

So some of my go to music for prayer and journaling time and just enjoying life:

1. My Worship Playlist on Spotify - This is going to get the job done. Lol. Just put it on shuffle and go.

2. Darrel Walls on Soundcloud (MusiqCityWalls) - I go from writing in a journal to praying aloud to on the floor weeping lol to a full shout like footwork.

3. Okay this playlist is when you're wanting to vibe out and talk to God!

4. Okay. This playlist is for when you jump out of bed in the morning determined to have a good day. A little affirmation and motivation!


Kristen Reel

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