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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

I’m tired of being angry. I’m tired of being woke. I mean I probably shouldn’t say that, but I am exhausted.

I was always raised with a level of hard truth. I will never forget the day I cried and my daddy told me that a tear ain’t gonna pay the light bill or even when he told me that I wasn’t too cute to work. His exact words were, “If I gotta work as good as I look, why wouldn’t you?”

I haven’t been sheltered. By far.

But I was raised with a light of happiness despite what the world had to offer. And as an adult, it’s been hard to maintain that light. How the hell were my parents able to allow the light in our home to outshine the darkness of the world?

I’ve been struggling.

Opinions. Unwanted opinions. Standards that I didn’t set for an outcome I don’t want. I’m tired of all the rules. The assumptions. Single experiences being used to form law. The memes. The expectation.

If a man doesn’t do this then ____.

If a man loves you he will ____.

If you don’t have this you shouldn’t be ____.

Oh everybody just chill.

In my corner of the internet, I’m doing what feels good in my soul. And if what feels good today becomes bad for me tomorrow, then that is my very own business.


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