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When you spend enough time with God, He really does become your friend. A real true friend.

Having God as my friend, reminds me of those close friends in school that stick up for each other even when the other isn’t around. For example (try to keep up), if one of the friends sees another girl trying to get too close for comfort with her best friend's boyfriend she steps in and lets the girl know he’s spoken for by any means necessary. Here’s another example if you didn’t get it lol: Say one of the best friends is in the hallway at school and hears a group of girls talking about her best friend. The friend stops what she is doing and walks over to the group of girls and confronts them by any means necessary. If you went to the type of school I went to, you know what I mean when I say by any means necessary. To those that don’t know what I mean, just know it ended with someone getting suspended. Hahaha.

This is really how I view my friendship with God. He’s loyal to me. When someone wants to take what belongs to me, God is there defending me and what belongs to me making sure no one else gets it. When I’m not around and my name gets brought up in conversations that aren’t so good, God defends me. When you spend time with God and choose to go to him with everything concerning you, that’s the friendship coming together and getting stronger. During that time you talk to each other. He tells you secrets and you tell him secrets. He knows everything about you and you are constantly learning about Him. It’s a true friendship.

He knows what matters to you and what you want. He’s a real true friend. You can trust that even when you’re not around, you’re spoken for. You’re being defended even when you don’t know you need to be defended. He’s a loyal friend. Trust your friendship with God. You don’t have to have your hands in everything. You don’t have to know everything. You’re not doing life alone.

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