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I used to find myself saying things like: As long as my sisters are happy with their love lives, I’m good or as long as my family is happy….I’m good. When I would say these things, my heart was I don’t care what I end up with but as long as those closest to my heart are happy, I will be okay.

I’ve gone years saying that and the other day I was cleaning and God sent the conviction out of nowhere. He brought those words to mind and said, “Stop doing that.” I don’t know if there’s anyone else like me who really loves others that much and says those types of things but God is not here for us saying that. Okay?

He went on to say more, “Stop excluding yourself from blessings. You deserve the blessings that you speak over your family and friends too. You deserve the love. You deserve good health. Stop leaving yourself out.”

We deserve good things too. Stop excluding yourself.

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