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Have you ever had to tell someone no even when you wanted to say yes? Someone may read this and say “do whatever you want to do” and I’m all here for that until God gives specific instructions. The moment I hear God tell me something I can’t ignore it. I believe the question that I really want to ask is, do you ever feel like your obedience was for nothing like your obedience got you absolutely nothing? Do you ever feel like God pulled the okie doke on you after following His instructions?

I want you to answer those questions honestly. Whenever my sisters and I wanted to catch someone in a lie in our childhood days we would say, “God looking at you.” HAHAHA Like that was the ultimate conviction like if you lie knowing God looking at you...YOU ARE TRASH. HAHAA. So right now as you think about answering those questions, I want you to know “God looking at you.” Lol. Don’t lie! Maybe I just don’t want to be the only one that’s had to side eye God. All jokes aside though there have been times in life where I just sat back and felt like it was all for nothing. The day I decided to say yes to God. The days of obeying God and following His path for my life. In these moments, you begin to question every encounter with God, every vision, every promise, and even the confirmations that he sent directly to you until you just want to walk away and submit to everything against what God has promised.

This had become a true cycle in my life and I hated it. I was not okay! The last time it happened I was so annoyed. I felt stuck in the middle. In the middle of believing and giving up. I knew I was tired of believing but I knew I didn’t want to give up and walk away from God. At that time, I was looking at both decisions as if they were both hard to do. When you don't see those results from doing the right thing after some time, you get discouraged and just begin to rethink everything. How could I be questioning if God had led me wrong and if He was able to fulfill every promise He’d made to me….after all He’d already done for me? I wasn’t sad or mad. I just knew I was content with being in the middle. I didn’t plan on making any move. Soon after I decided I was just going to sit in the middle, God began to speak to me.

The conviction:

“Don’t come for my character just because something isn’t looking the way YOU want it to look right now. I don’t change. I am still everything I’m known for being. I’m Everything. I am that I am. I am still able. I am still a promise keeper. I am still a miracle worker. I am still a way maker. I am still THE way. I don’t change. Don’t doubt who I am and what I am capable of doing. I always show up. I always get the job done. I always win.” -God

After hearing these words from God, I knew my decision to stay in the middle of believing and giving up wasn’t the right thing either. I knew immediately that God hadn’t led me wrong. I had to trust him. The way that he chooses to do things is just better. I’d seen the results of God working for me before. I knew I needed to keep believing and trust that my obedience wasn’t for nothing. I encourage you to do the same. We get tired of waiting and want to take over God’s job. We have to remember who God really is and if you don’t know who He is… need to go to Him and ask God to show you His character.

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