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I believe the best feeling is when you finally gain balance. Balance in your life. Balance between being over spiritual and one foot in hell. Balance in caring too much and not giving a care about anyone or anything. Balance in who you are as in your character. For me I used to be over the top then I was stripped all the way down to be “humble” and now I’m legit in the middle of that. A great blend making this amazing woman. Balance is such a goal and I believe I have that. I feel like having balance in my life allows me to truly enjoy life. It just feels healthy.

Imagine having to run a marathon with a six inch heel on one foot and a flip flop on the other. That sounds pretty weird and uncomfortable. A struggle. Running that marathon is going to be a little hard with those shoes on but switching into a good pair of tennis shoes will provide that support and comfort you need to complete that run. When you switch into those shoes, everything just levels out evenly. That’s how I feel about having balance. I feel leveled out. I can think straight. I can breathe comfortably. Everything in me just feels right.

I encourage you to seek God for balance if you lack it. If you find yourself stressed out all the time, having trouble in friendships and work, or having trouble choosing between junk food and healthy food, just begin to seek balance for your life. Life is a lot better with balance.

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