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This post isn’t for everyone but to those that actually relate to feeling overlooked, this one's for you. When I say overlooked, I’m talking about those moments when you have to literally see others chosen instead of you. You have to see others elevated at your job even though you’ve been working twice as hard as everyone that’s being promoted. Maybe you have a talent and it seems like everyone can support everybody else except you, when you know your work and skills and everything else is the absolute best. Then there’s someone who feels like they are so ready for a relationship and love but it seems they just can’t get chosen even though they know that they’re a good person who is beautiful, heart is pure, and doing everything right. We can’t deny those feelings because they are real. When we really acknowledge that we feel overlooked, it hurts. We feel like we’re not enough, we begin to question everything about ourselves and what God has told us, and just unwanted and alone. It really hurts when you know you’re actually doing things to show your talents and skills. You’re pushing past being timid, finding courage with each post that you make, speaking up for yourself, and so much more but it seems like it’s all not enough.

I believe in acknowledging every feeling because if you don’t you can possibly become bitter and you can’t really enjoy life with a bitter heart. Take a moment and feel what you’re feeling. Cry if you have to. Release any pain that you may be feeling. I’ll wait or just continue reading when you’re ready.

This morning God spoke a few things to me just for those that feel overlooked. What feels like rejection is actually God protecting you. He’s hiding you to keep you from being USED by the wrong people!!! Being overlooked is God hiding you. He’s hiding you for the right people who will know how to handle you and your gifts/talents/skills. The right people being the ones who will actually pay you what you deserve. The right people being the one who will truly know how to love, cherish, and respect you. Being overlooked can feel horrible, but it’s happening for a reason. Accept God’s protection from you. Let His grace be all that you need and wait for instructions from Him about your next move. If you feel like people are trying to downplay you, acknowledge how you feel and keep following YOUR instructions from God. He’s got the perfect plan for your life. Trust Him and His plan. You’ll be seen at the right time and the right place.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11

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