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Let me start off by saying you haven’t missed your “chance”.

When we receive opportunities to do certain things, we can sometimes think by taking that opportunity everything we’ve been waiting on will then happen. For example, let’s say you’re a dancer and you are presented with an opportunity to dance for one of the biggest artists ever during their Grammy performance. Something in your life comes up so you have to turn down the offer. Now you’re left feeling like you’ve missed your chance in becoming this dancer who makes great Great GREAT money and everyone wants to work with. You don’t believe you’ll ever get another chance like that one again.

There is someone that really feels like they’ve missed their chance in being everything they dreamed of or prayed for because they missed an opportunity or maybe you took the opportunity but just didn’t handle it well. I want you to know if that’s your blessing that God has for you then it is yours. It has to happen. If God has taken the time to show and confirm for you who you will become, that’s what you will be. You haven’t messed up or missed any opportunity. It clearly wasn’t the move for you or the way God wanted success to happen for you. He has a better way of doing what you want done in your life. Trust God. That opportunity wasn’t the way. He most likely saved you from unnecessary drama and problems ranging from financial to your health. You may not see the reason why the opportunity didn’t work out for you now but believe me when I say… will see why. I know it hurts when you think about what your life would've been like by now but in reality you don’t really know. Trust God’s plan for your life. It happened exactly how it needed to happen. Let that regret in your heart go. If the blessing is yours, it’s yours and no person can block it from getting to you. Everything in your life is right on time.

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