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You Bitter

"I hate them MFs. They’re going to get all that they've dished out right back to them, and I can't wait. They are the worst people and I pray that the people under them don't have to feel what I felt. If those under them have any sense and holy ghost, they know they need to break away from those people. Nobody is exempt from reaping, and those people will reap all they've done including the bad." - Bitter Kris

I believe I'm not the only person who has gone through disappointment and hurt. What really makes it worse is having to walk away from those you considered friends and family. You have to walk away because during your hard time they failed to be the family and friends they'd proclaimed to be. Some people may confuse that statement thinking someone is supposed to support you financially and with material things when you go through, but really what's needed is an encouraging word or a hug. You may have to walk away from certain people because they don't support you unless you are following up behind them and doing everything they tell you to do. You may have to walk away from people because they just don't treat you right. After experiencing whatever you have experienced with these people and walk away, you may deem them trash people and can't wait for them to experience the hurt they've put you and others through. Honestly, when going through a bitter season and having to hear about how the same person or people have hurt others in the same way they hurt you, only adds to your bitterness even if you feel as if you're over it and don't talk about it.

Bitterness can sneak up on you and you not even know. Just because you throw what happened to the side and don't talk about it often, doesn't mean you're over it. A definition for bitterness is a feeling of antagonism, hostility, or resentfulness. If you're like me, you've tossed what happened to the side but pick that thing back up sometimes. If you're like me, you may think about the time that was "wasted" with a certain person or group of people. If you're like me, you look on social media and see that life is still going great for that person that hurt you and get annoyed. If you're like me, you go to God and let him know it's about time for him to give that person or those people what they deserve. If you agreed with anything I just said, I want to let you know today that you are bitter.

It was recently when I came across a scripture that cooled the heat I had for a few people.

"'God will be the judge of all people and of all bad people,' I told myself. Everything will happen at the right time." Ecclesiastes 3:17 EASY

Reading this scripture, it was like everything in me surrendered all the energy and hate I had for these people. I knew it wasn't on me to get back at anyone. Why should I waste anymore of my energy and time on getting back on someone that has already wasted enough of my time? Why should I waste time focusing on when someone is going to reap what they've done? God is in control of us all and that's all of his business. If they reap the hurt they've caused others to experience, okay. If they don't ever get anything they've dished out, okay. God will judge everyone. If he decides to punish or reward anyone, that is on God. Not me.

I don't have to waste time thinking on how I'm going to treat anyone the next time I see them. I'm just going to be me. I don't have to be best friends with anyone. I'm just going to be myself and trust God to be God. I'm going to let God do God things. I'm going to let God do the things in His job description. If I'm not going to hover over my own promises from God and wonder when those things are going to happen for me, I'm not going to hover over anyone's reaping season.

Everything that happened in your life, happened for a reason. We don't know why it had to happen how it happened, but it happened. Try trusting what God has done in your life including the good and the bad all has a purpose. It's all working for your good. You will see that no time in your life has been wasted. There is purpose in it all. Today, declare that you are not bitter. Ask God to create in you a clean heart and renew the right spirit in you. When the right spirit is in you, it's hard for that bitter spirit to remain in you.


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